Company Profile

Our Factory

POMPE CASALI is a well established manufacturing company that has gathered in a single and modern industrial facility all the functions in which its activities are articulated today.

A short introduction could start from the Commercial Department that holds all the contacts with the customers: located at the first floor of the Office building, it provides wide open spaces to the managers of the various industrial sectors in which customers' requests are differentiated. Further, two meeting rooms - the larger holding more than 20 seats - are available for greeting customers or guests. The Commercial Office works in direct contact with the Technical Department for the solution of those problems that require gathering together different skills about pumps operation, both during the proposal/commercial offer and the assistance post sale.

The Administrative Offices are located at the floor level of the same building, with an adjacent hall for reception purposes. The main activity consists of managing outgoing and incoming goods, while all the other duties associated to the business of a modern industrial company are also performed.

An entire wing of the industrial facility holds the Technical Office, where a wide and comfortable environment is equipped with the most modern design and drawing tools, directly connected with the automatic machines. Also in this area a meeting room is provided for receiving suppliers and guests.

The central and wider part of the vast building is devoted to the production lines. It is important to note that most of the pumps components are internally manufactured, in order to be able to guarantee the maximum degree of manufacturing precision, thanks to the adoption of the most recent Computer Numerically Controlled machinery. In particular, two milling machines (one with horizontal axis and one with vertical axis) and one lathe are available for the standard production line. The production capability is completed with a set of traditional machining centres that are dedicated to prototype or small batch productions, as well as to customized layouts productions, which are an interesting peculiarity of the company. The Production Department is articulated in different branches that are rationally connected, performing both the pump assembly process and the installation of the entire pump-motor group on a single platform. The Department can count on the long-time experience that the employees have accumulated, since quitting POMPE CASALI rarely happens.

The Quality Inspection Department (POMPE CASALI is an ISO 9001 certified company) should also be mentioned, together with the Pumps Testing Department, which is being provided with the most up-to-date instrumentation and measurement systems.

POMPE CASALI is a modern and well established Italian company, open to the global competition.