Company Profile

Our History

It was 1955 when the founder Antonio Casali set up his own workshop in the ancient and suggestive town centre of Bologna.
Almost immediately he drew his attention to the production of the volumetric gear pumps.

In those years people were abandoning the coal heatings in their houses in order to introduce the use of fuel oil. For that reason new ways of pumping for boilers were necessary and Casali reached immediately a successful position in this field.
Casali did not start from the small-size pumps, but from the medium-size ones and very soon he also started to produce high-displacement pumps with heating chambers inside the casting of the pumps.

In particular one idea gave him a substantial help. For many problems related to the design, the tuning and the trial of his first pumps, Casali usually collaborated with the “Istituto di Macchine” of the University of Bologna.
The relationship was so successful humanly and professionally speaking, that still nowadays the design and the quality control department collaborate constantly with the University.

Casali, who was very proud of his own production and conscious of the importance to broaden his presence in other fields, attended since the beginning of his business the most qualified trades of that period, from the one in Bari to the other one in Milan.

Meanwhile, the success of his pumps, which are reliable, strong and always working, even under extreme conditions, has been broadened from a national to an international field.

In 1980 owing to the need to rise his production with new numerical control machines, to introduce new personnel and to improve the accessibility of his company, he moved to a new plant in an industrial area near Bologna, at Quarto Inferiore.
During the following years also his three sons Mauro, Mara and Paolo started to work for the company and still today they maintain the policy of the company, which is oriented to satisfy every customer and to produce more and more reliable and technologically advanced products.

The growth of the company has recently required the doubling of the plant in order to collocate all the activities, from the production (with the wide use of automated machines with high precision) to the warehouse, sales and management offices.

In that way Pompe Casali s.r.l. can guarantee in a short period of time the increasing requests of machines and spare parts, which come almost from a worldwide market.