Customer Care



POMPE CASALI mission is to fully satisfy customer needs. The company closely assists its customers in choosing the most appropriate pump model for the specific application, by selecting and quoting the possible solutions among the numerous available models. Our long-time hands-on experience is always shared with the end user, and custom pump models may be designed and produced in order to optimize the installation performance or the pumping conditions of the particular fluid.

POMPE CASALI is therefore able to provide all the advices needed in order to avoid the malfunctions that sometimes make pump operation painfully, due to a wrong initial choice. Leaks, flow reduction, fast wear, motor overheating, cavitation are typical problems that may be avoided by taking advantage of POMPE CASALI consultancy during the product selection process.



POMPE CASALI always supports its products, and it always provides technical advices for optimizing pump performance. In order to allow easy monitoring of the pumping conditions, all pump models are provided with pressure line connections on both suction and discharge sides. Pressure transducers may then be easily installed, thus allowing diagnosing and isolating the system malfunction. Spare parts are available also for discontinued pump models, and any POMPE CASALI pump can be revised and refurbished by our technicians, even those that have experienced extremely long-lasting operation.

POMPE CASALI customers are never left alone, and for any type of problem they can rely on a skilled and up-to-date technical support department, also due to the constant collaboration with Bologna University, which has a well known reputation on pumps and hydraulic systems.