Pompe Casali produces external gear self priming positive displacement pumps. The production has been specialized on this particolar pump type since it has proven to be the most reliable one, and also the most easily inspected and maintained by the end users. Pompe Casali offers a wide variety of such pumps, with or without heating jacket, for small or large flow rates.

It should be recalled that the flow rate is given by the product between the pump displacement ( which determines the pump size ) and its rotation speed, which should be determined according to the pumping fluid characteristics ( such as viscosity and abrasive properties ). This is a critical point: the same flow rate may be achieved with a large pump at low speed or with a smaller ( and cheaper ) pump rotating at higher speed. In the latter case, though, malfunctions such as noise increase and flow rate reduction due to cavitation effects may be encountered, or problems due to fast wear may arise. The choice of the optimal pump displacement is therefore a crucial issue, such as the selection of the most efficient seal type ( gland packings, lip seals, mechanical seals ) for the specific application. We are pleased to assist our customers in determining the solution that best suits their needs.

Given this brief introduction, the Series in which Pompe Casali pumps have been grouped will be briefly presented, together with their operating specifications and their displacements.

NAV Series pumps are designed to handle fluids not particularly critical in terms of viscosity: it represents the baseline Series, comprising up to 9 different pump models, each one characterized by a different displacement ( i.e. , by a different fluid volume transferred at each pump rotation ), ranging from 120 cm3/rev. up to 1950 cm3/rev. These models are widely used in industrial applications, and they have therefore been provided with flanges for direct pipe connection.

ZV Series pumps represent an extension of NAV Series towards the smaller flow rates. These pumps have therefore been provided with threaded extremities. 10 different models are actually being produced, with displacements ranging from 1 cm3/ rev, up to 70.7 cm3 /rev.

CR Series pumps are designed for handling diathermic oils or vapour. They are provided with a heating jacket that fully encircles the pumping gear chamber ( not only partially, as in most off-the-shelf solutions ), in order to improve cold start performance. CR Series comprises 10 models, with displacements ranging between 32.3 cm3 /rev and 2,960cm3 /rev.

Besides the fundamental models belonging to the previously presented Series, Pompe Casali is able to provide its costumers with particular solutions. For example, pumps with seal protecting each bearing, or pumps with bearings installed out of the pumping chamber for aggressive fluids. Also the variety of available pump installations is very large, such as carriage-mounted pumps, electrically heating systems, pumps with pneumatic or hydraulic motors. In short, every pumping demand can be faced and resolved.