Manufacturer of positive displacement gear pumps since 1955

POMPE CASALI designs and produces self-priming positive displacement external gear pumps for the transfer and dosage of industrial fluids, even of high viscosity. You can choose from a large catalog of pumps, with or without heating chambers, or small or large flow rates.

Our experience to the service of your needs

Our technicians, specialized for years in the field of self-priming positive displacement pumps,
will be able to help you in your decision, defining the following factors:

  • Pump dimensions: selected according to the required flow rate of the volumetric pump, which is obtained by multiplying pump displacement (which determines the size) by the speed of rotation. The latter must be chosen in relation to the characteristics of the fluid such as: viscosity, abrasiveness or chemical aggressivity.
  • Type of shaft seal: the choice of this component is related to fluid temperature, operating pressure and to the same characteristics of fluid as priorly mentioned.
  • Sector of application: petrochemical, food and cosmetics, the production of resins and varnishes, bitumens production.

The solutions for each pumping requirement

In the production of positive displacement pumps we are able to satisfy all industries which, for working needs, utilize fluids that require specific technical solutions.
Here is when, in addition to a wide range of self-priming pumps with various flow rate and speed characteristics, AISI 316 machines in stainless steel can be arranged, with potential special treatments,
special tolerances and special seals up until the potential adoption of a magnetic drive.
Our Technical Department in fact is in contact with University of Bologna, extremely qualified in the latest technologies of the pumping of industrial fluids; this allows us to keep pace with the innovations in the various fields of application, so that we can most surely meet the needs of our customers.


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