POMPE CASALI. Since 1955.

Solution for fluid pumps


Pompe Casali designs and manufactures external gear self priming positive displacement pumps, even those highly viscous or containing abrasive suspensions.

It operates on a wide scale, serving customers worldwide and providing its products to a large variety of industrial sectors. The end users represent a plurality of technical sectors that are always rapidly evolving, and that therefore need to be supported by a constantly up-to-date pump design and production departments.


Azienda meeting

Personal advice


Relying on it’s company’s policies, Pompe Casali is pleased to assist its customers in determining the pump model that best suits their application, design and manufacture custom solutions to solve particular pumping needs.

High quality standards.


Each single component is designed and produced at our production site by highly qualified and experience staff, in order to reach the highest qualitative standards, guaranteed by the ISO 9001:2008 ISO Certification.