In1955, the founder Antonio Casali started a small mechanical workshop, in the ancient and evocative center of Bologna. Almost immediately, he turned his attention to the construction of volumetric gear pumps.

IDuring those years, naphtha was quickly replacing coal as the main source of heating in houses and buildings. and thanks to the consequent soaring demand of pumping systems, Pompe Casali quickly conquer a leading position.



In order to overcome the issues deriving from the designing and tuning of the pumps, Antonio Casali started to co-operate with the Institute of Machine of the University of Bologna. The relationship was very successful on both human and professional levels, that it still continues to this day.

Proud of his productions, Antonio Casali started to attend to the most qualified fairs at the time, From Bari to Milan, in order to expand its presence and market.

In the meanwhile, the success of its reliable and robust pumps, started to extend to the national and international markets, after the initial success obtained on the local market.

Antonio Casali’s three sons Mauro, Mara and Paolo progressively entered the company’s staff, and with the same initial spirit of their father, continue to run the company.

The company’s fast growth, required suitable accomodation to house all the activities. Thus the investments in order to double the facilities and accomodate the warehouse, the production plant (with high use of automatic high precision machines), the administrative offices.

Paolo Casali, technical director: “Our philosophy in a nutshell? This is a technically complex work, each potential client must be guided carefully in choosing the right solution, which he must always be able to find; if we do not already have it in the catalog, we will do it for him “.